Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"Fall is Upon Us," she says with a smile

Alas.  It is Fall.  After all that summer's heat and unrelenting rain as well, I'm happy my favorite month of October has come.

It's like a cool sweet kiss of a lover that's been away far too long.  Window air conditioners can finally be removed.  The leaves will soon be changing.  And perhaps (PLEASE, PLEASE) the dog's fleas will find an excruciating death finally though I'm not sure since we've been at war and they seem to have won most of the battles.

The war with the groundhogs has been put to rest.  I'm trying to convince myself that they actually left the yard but in my heart a word like "hibernation" sticks.  Those rats have crawled into their holes for now to battle with me in the Spring I fear.  But I am glad I don't see them scurry off like squirrels of mammoth proportion that should have died with the large dinosaurs.  Oh well.  

Even the clothes are great.  Nothing like a warm sweatshirt on a cold day and the smell of the woodstove.  As all the storm windows come down, the noise from the city that surrounds me is non-existent.  Once again the tranquil sanctuary begins.

So cuddle up with someone you love and REJOICE!  Weather sanity has returned and so has mine (mostly).

Life is all about strange contrasts.  Would Fall be so sweet without Summer's heat?  I thought about that in my last painting - the contrast part anyway.  I used to love riding motorcycles when I was newer on the earth.  So I paired a couple who are bikers.  What could be more of a contrast than a parrot and a cat in love with each other?  It makes me laugh as the leaves Fall outside my window and I hear a slight chuckle far off.  (I think it's Winter).

But for now, I remain in bliss.